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A reminder that the Atlanta Falcons will wear throwback uniforms this Sunday

The Bengals will feel the full force and glory of the old logo.

San Diego Chargers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

If you’re a fan of the old Atlanta Falcons logo, or just the uniforms the team wore in the 90s, you’re in luck. They’re bringing those back this weekend against the Bengals.

Per the mothership’s Matthew Tabeek, the Falcons will rock their excellent throwbacks a grand total of three times this year in home games. There has been a furious clamoring for the Falcons to change things up for several years now, though there’s some division on whether the Falcons should go back to these, the really old school red uniforms with the old logo, or the Michael Vick-era all-black uniforms. All are fine choices, but I find myself being more and more partial to this particular getup.

The Falcons will also put on the old uniforms, which are notable for their excellence and why can’t we have the old logo back please, in both Week 7 against the Giants and Week 11 against the Cowboys, which are shaping up to be two of the easier matchups of the year. May the Falcons be undefeated in their rightful jerseys.