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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Sept. 27

Check out this ref reading the links.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Before you start compiling your TPS reports or microwaving fish in the break room, get the blood flowing (boiling?) with Thursday’s edition of Falcoholinks.

Falcons a favorite

Even after a tough, tough loss against New Orleans, the bookmakers still like the Falcons ahead of Sunday’s tilt against the Bengals. Atlanta is a five point favorite, a line undoubtedly influenced by the Falcons’ offensive explosion last week. The defensive implosion is, of course, another story.

So if you happen to be in Vegas or on some ramshackle riverboat gambling cruise, the Atlanta Falcons are once again a favorite at home.

Cincinnati Switcheroo

A question posed weekly: If you could snag one member from the Falcons’ opponent, who would it be and why? Sunday’s enemy is Cincinnati, and they possess some key pieces on both offense and defense that would be enticing adds to the Atlanta Falcons.

A historic wide receiving corps with A.J. Green, anyone? Beef up the defensive front with Carlos Dunlap or Geno Atkins? A coach for life in Marvin Lewis?

Many options to consider here.

Brian Poole faces the wrath of the Great Metal Falcon

There’s no escaping the ancient metal deity’s punishment. It is just, it is necessary, and it is unquestioned. The entire Atlanta Falcons team acted as if they had tackling allergies against the Saints, but Brian Poole falling victim to Drew Brees’ spin move loomed largest.

For this, he was cast into the lake of fire. Among the molten rock and magma that churns below Flowery Branch, he joined what remained of Matt Ryan — now reanimated as any icy horror devoid of mercy for all opposing defenses.

We hope the same for Brian Poole as he presumably returns to face the Bengals.

The Falcoholic Postgame Podcast

For this week’s Falcoholic Postgame Podcast, Cory Woodroof was joined by everyone’s favorite Falcons Twitter antagonist Aaron Freeman. Week 3’s postmortem touched on a litany of topics, from the offense’s newfound swagger to the injuries that have decimated Atlanta’s defense. Give it a listen, here.