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Get ready for Falcons vs. Bengals with Thursday Night Kickoff on FOX 5 Atlanta

You might see your tweet featured during the show.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

The injury bug has it out for the Falcons. There’s no denying it. And in my new segment on FOX 5 Atlanta’s new show, Thursday Night Kickoff, I turn to Falcons Twitter and our readers here at the site for answers.

We asked readers what the Falcons can do to keep the injury bug at bay for the rest of the season, and we had a ton of clever answers submitted. Since we couldn’t share all of them in my quick segment, I wanted to feature some for readers to enjoy here as well. Maybe we can just forward this link to Dan Quinn and keep everybody healthy from here on out.

Here’s my whole segment. Thanks to everyone who sent in so many clever and fun answers to choose from.

Here was this week’s question:

Some of our staff members weighed in.

Lots of folks went the bubble wrap route.

And then there were some variations on the bubble wrap theme.

These folks are thinking outside the box here. I like it.

Some of y’all are really willing to do ... a lot.

Falcons fans are really still mad at Tom Brady and especially Adam Caplan, who tweeted that the Falcons were the healthiest team going into the season, right before that changed into them being overloaded on IR.

Somebody get Dan Quinn on the phone; this could work.

Even fans of other teams weighed in.

Dang it, Truman.

He’s not wrong.

I mean ...

Just listen to Darrick.

The show will air on FOX 5 Atlanta, in case that wasn’t obvious, on Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in for the first episode this evening, and keep an eye out for next week’s question.