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The Falcoholic and FOX 5 Atlanta have a question for you

Tell us what you think, and the funniest and most creative answers that won’t get us in trouble with the FCC will be shared on the air.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

We’re kicking off something fun here at The Falcoholic this week. I’ve got a Falcons-related question for you, and I’ll share the best answers with the entire greater Atlanta metro area on FOX 5 Atlanta on Thursday.

Here’s the question we’re going with for this week. It is certainly a pressing one.

We’re not looking for things like “let them take more veteran rest days” or “fire the strength coach” or anything like that. This team is in dire injury straits, and we believe our talented readers can solve it. Think outside the box, and hit me with whatever you’ve got. Just don’t hit me too hard — I don’t want to land on IR, also.

There are certainly plenty of questions I could have asked you about this team this week. What’s the deal with Vic Beasley? How on earth did the Falcons miss 17 tackles against the Saints? What can we expect when they take on the Bengals on Sunday?

And to focus on the one bright spot in this dark, injury-plagued season, did this offense time travel to 2018 from the 2016 season? Is Sark dealing with an Invasion of the Body Snatchers-type deal where his offensive mindset has been replaced by Kyle Shanahan’s? Could Matt Ryan have an MVP-caliber season again in a year when the defense has been absolutely decimated by injuries, so it won’t even matter? How sad are we going to be if that happens?

But with so many key players on IR, it’s obvious that this is the most pressing question for this week, so we need your solutions to the Falcons’ injury woes. Share your answers in the comments or tweet them to me, and I’ll share the funniest, most creative ones on the air — as long as they won’t get us in trouble with the FCC. Be sure to tune into FOX5 Atlanta on Thursday to see if you’re one of the lucky readers we selected.