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Damontae Kazee may shockingly escape suspension after dirty hit on Cam Newton

The Atlanta Falcons were forced to play a very bad Jordan Richards because Kazee went for supremely dirty hit.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I expected an ejection and one or two game suspension the second Damontae Kazee went low on Cam Newton. Newton went sliding in open field, and was nearly lying flat on the ground when Kazee flew in with the tip of his helmet. It was easily the most supremely dirty hit I can recall any Falcons player.

Sometimes slow motion will clear up the defender did not try to make a dirty hit. This one was clear as day. Even worse, Carolina Panthers defenders had just previously jumped over a sliding Matt Ryan to avoid any sort of contact.

Kazee went right in on Newton. An egregiously bad play. And according to Ian Rapoport, he is not expected to face suspension.

After Kazee was ejected, Falcons fans got to see why former New England Patriots safety was available for only a conditional 7th round pick. The dropoff from Keanu Neal and Deion Jones to Richards and Duke Riley is huge. Kazee needs to tighten up his game so he can stay on the field.

The Falcons have the New Orleans Saints on deck for next Sunday, and the thought of Riley covering Alvin Kamara is already giving me migraines. Kazee absolutely deserves a suspension, but the team will definitely welcome him back to slow down the Saints.