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FanPulse: Who is to blame for the the Falcons offensive woes?

The fans have spoken, and they blame Sark.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

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Who is to blame for this offense’s woes?

Unsurprisingly, the bulk of fans hang this one on Steve Sarkisian.

Sark gets blame despite arguably not being the biggest problem with the offense last week, with Matt Ryan’s inaccuracy and poor decision-making making for an uncharacteristically poor day for him. Virtually no one blames Dan Quinn, who holds ultimate responsibility for how this team performs.

And it’s understandable that this is the case, of course. Sark did himself no favors with his playcalling throughout 2017, and with some weirdish calls in the red zone and the team’s failure to score enough points yet again, the blame is going to fall on him. That’s going to be the case until Atlanta starts winning games with quality offensive performances, because once you find a scapegoat who actually isn’t blameless, you hold on to him.

Hopefully Sark can get out of the doghouse this week and get the Falcons in the win column. If he can’t, expect even more fingers to point his way after Week 2.