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How do Keith Tandy, Steven Means, and Corey Nelson fit in with the Atlanta Falcons going forward?

Fact: Keith Tandy pioneered the “bite your ankles” tackling technique

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons went out and made a bunch of roster moves recently. They are moves we wish the Falcons didn’t have to make, but alas, this is the NFL, and injuries happen. The addition of veterans, specifically safety Keith Tandy, defensive end Steven Means, and linebacker Corey Nelson, was both smart and necessary. Let’s break down how we can expect each of these guys to fit in in the immediate future and what we should expect them to contribute going forward.

Keith Tandy

Tandy has some experience starting but won’t be the coaching staff’s first option as they look to somehow replicate Keanu Neal’s production. He’s a seasoned veteran that has flashed periodically throughout his career. He’s only here as quality, experienced depth, and that’s fine by me.

Steven Means

Means did literally everything he possibly could to secure a roster spot with the Philadelphia Eagles. They wanted to keep him, but NFL rosters are prohibitive, and plenty of hand wringing preceded his release. The Eagles coaches raved about who he is as a player and a person. And when you take into account who he was playing behind in Philadelphia, it makes their ringing endorsement that much better. I’m excited to see what Means can do in Atlanta, and you should be too.

Corey Nelson

Nelson was a valuable reserve during his time with the Denver Broncos. He couldn’t land a starting gig with the Eagles, but they certainly thought he could. In August they decided to cut their losses. We’d be in trouble if he’s asked to start, but we’d see a healthy dose of Duke Riley and/or Foye Oluokun before that ever came to fruition. Bottom line: he’s quality depth and sometimes that’s all you need to get over the injury hump. Hopefully Deion Jones’ injury isn’t going to sideline him or sideline him for long. Regardless, the Falcons may elect to hold onto Nelson, given his upside and ability to contribute on special teams.

Again, these were smart, deliberate signings by the front office. I don’t think we’ll see much of Tandy and Nelson, but Means will immediately work his way into the defensive end rotation.

Your thoughts on these signings?