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Jets-Lions, Rams-Raiders Monday Night Football open thread

Fact: John Gruden once traded a king sized Butterfinger for a single Hershey’s Kiss and three Pez

Oakland Raiders v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The 2018 NFL regular season is off to an exciting start. Setting aside Thursday night’s disappointing loss, this past weekend included a ridiculous comeback by the Packers, a 48 point walloping of the Saints defense by a Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Buccaneers offense, and a Browns-Steelers tie. In short, we were entertained.

Tonight there are two games, both worth watching, for completely different reasons. Jets-Lions kicks off at 7:10 eastern. Number 3 overall pick Sam Darnold won the starting job and will line up under center for the Jets tonight. He will face new Lions head coach Matt Patricia’s defense. Patricia has owned the Jets defense as the Patriots defensive coordinator over the last half a decade, so Darnold has his work cut out for him. The Lions are favored by 7 points.

Raiders-Rams kicks off at 10:20 eastern. John Gruden is back to being a head coach, so that’s fun! The Khalil Mackless Raiders will have their hands full as they try to contain the talented, deep Rams offense. The Rams are favored by six points.

If you’re interested in these week one match ups, be sure to join us during tonight’s action. If you aren’t, then get some sleep and start getting your mind right for our week two contest against the Panthers.