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Week 1 proved once again to be fertile ground for overreactions

Whether it was the Falcons, the Saints, or the Buccaneers, we saw plenty.

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Falcons looked like one of the NFL’s most inept offenses in Week 1. The Buccaneers looked like a legitimately great offense with...


...Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. The Saints looked like one of the NFL’s worst defenses. Ben Roethlisberger looked completely cooked, Tyreek Hill looked unstoppable, the Cowboys offense looked like it may not score two touchdowns in a game until 2019, and Khalil Mack looked like the rightful heir to the Sacking Throne. Some of these things may well prove to be true—the Cowboys offense really might be that bad, and I pray the Saints defense is—but much of it will prove to be a one week aberration, or we’ll see regression toward the mean.

And while I’m less optimistic about a Shanahan-esque renaissance for the offense than some of our staff, for a change, it’s a nice reminder that things really do get weird and outlandish in Week 1, and there are 32 fanbases either freaking out because something went wrong or freaking out because they think their dreams are going to come true, even if they’re not. I sound this cheery little note now because we saw the Falcons do some very lame and bad things against the Eagles that would spell doom for this team if they continued, but not all or even any of them will.

So take heart and know that much of what you saw in Week 1 across the NFL was a mirage, or at least an exaggeration. We’ll hope the same is true for Atlanta.