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Falcons to face Nick Foles at QB for Thursday Night opener

Don’t discount the guy that helped edge the Falcons out of the playoffs.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

With the Falcons opening the 2018 NFL season on the road against the Eagles this upcoming Thursday night, the lingering question has been who they will face at quarterback. Well, your concerns can be put to rest, as the Eagles have made plans to start QB Nick Foles in less than a week from now.

Doug Pederson got testy about it because the news broke when the team hadn’t officially confirmed Foles as the starter. But the Eagles confirmed Foles’ status on Sunday.

The Eagles will enter the game with quite a few injuries, in fact. Starting WR Alshon Jeffery has already been ruled out for the game, while it also looks like LT Jason Peters won’t see the field. The team is also two deep into their linebacker rotation.

UPDATE 9/3/2018 7:45PM: The information that Peters might miss the game was incorrect. We apologize for the confusion.

The Falcons will enter the game healthy, with all key starters expected to play. Don’t sleep on the Eagles, though, as Doug Pederson has shown he can be very crafty when his back is against the wall. The Eagles will also deploy their fantastic crowd of running backs, which could give the Falcons fits if they aren’t prepped to stop the run.

Your thoughts on facing off against Foles instead of Carson Wentz?