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Falcons vs. Jets preseason 2018: New York is a slight favorite, but please don’t spend your money on this game

Don’t bet on preseason you’re making me sad.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I get it. You love to gamble, the NFL has quasi-embraced it, and you’ve got visions of money dancing in front of your eyes. Enough money to buy that Julio Jones jersey you’ve always wanted, so you can make leaping one handed grabs in your own back yard. Heck, enough money to buy two of them.

But please tell me you are not going to put money down on a preseason game. Please?

If you promise, I’ll tell you what the odds are for the game ahead, since I’m sure you’re curious.

Okay, good, here you go.

The Jets are currently slight favorites, something like 2.5 point ones at most places you look, which means their home field advantage is earning them favorite status. It probably has nothing to do with Vegas thinking the Jets are going to win, given the impossibility of knowing what a team’s reserves, third-stringers, and fourth-stringers are going to do with their playing time, or even how that playing time will be divided up.

Just to reiterate: Please, don’t spend your money betting on a preseason game. Save it for the real games, or buy yourself something nice with it instead. You deserve that.