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The Falcoholic’s Cory Woodroof talks Julio Jones, 2017 offense on Over the Night w/Matt Harab

Have Cory’s silky smooth voice ease you into the weekend.

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

As you prepare for your last weekend without Falcons football for quite some time, let our own Cory Woodroof (who is me, the person writing this post) give you a little insight into the this and that in Falcondom.

Woodroof (who is me) hopped on SB Nation Radio’s Over the Night with Matt Harab to discuss Julio Jones showing up for camp on time, why the 2017 offense took a step back and how the NFC South is shaping up for 2018.

He (so, I) won’t spoil his (my) new thesis on why the 2017 offense took a step back, so be sure to give this a twirl, and of course always be tuning in to SB Nation Radio whenever they’re live. There are plenty of great shows to tap into at any given moment, so be alert!

And, of course, you can hear more of Cory’s (my) wonderful pipes when The Falcoholc’s Postgame Podcast returns to the site here shortly. We’ll be breaking down each and every preseason game, as well as the regular season and (hopefully) playoffs, so be tuned in for that as well.

And, go have a nice weekend, Falcon friends.