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Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri will try to dethrone Falcons alumnus Morten Anderson in 2018

Fact: Mort Anderson had to get a concealed carry permit to put a sock on his left foot

New York Jets v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons alumnus and kicker extraordinaire Mort Anderson scored a lot of points during his 25 year career. His kicking prowess rightfully landed him in the NFL Hall of Fame in 2015. When Mort finally hung up his kicking cleats, he held a lot of NFL records: most games played, most field goals, and most points, to name a few.

Currently Mort still holds the points record with 2,544. As Reddit user u/samalonson pointed out today, there’s a good chance that record is broken in 2018. Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri is currently sitting at 2,487 points. I suck at math, but I think that means he needs to score 58 points to break the record. That’s roughly 20 field goals; or 15 field goals and 13 extra points; or 13 field goals and 19 extra points. You get the point.

As Falcons fans, we have plenty of reasons to root against Vinatieri. He won three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. We don’t like the Patriots. Simple enough, no?

Your thoughts?