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Matt Ryan still doesn’t care about the Jalen Ramsey thing

So ... uh. Yeah.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the Atlanta Falcons set to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this week, that stupid controversy from last week about JAX CB Jalen Ramsey was bound to come up again.

To refresh you, Ramsey called Ryan “overrated” and a Kyle Shanahan scheme QB in a GQ interview, and people got very, well, in their feelings about the Falcons QB being ... challenged ... like that.

Ramsey, do you love me, are you lying, don’t you ever, ever leave, Matty Ice out, from talking about the GOATS, ‘cuz I want ya, to be nice-a, and I’m down for you, recanting that previous statement about Ryan’s stature in the league among the best signal callers.”

*gets out of car, dances*

So, someone asked Ryan about it again Tuesday, after someone else asked him about it the other day, and he still did the thing where he didn’t really show any care about what happened.

Look, this partly dissects an exact, annoying part of our society where people get all in a fuss about one person’s opinion on a thing, and we create a news cycle about it, and then the person involved responds and cares less than we initially did, and then life goes on.

Ryan doesn’t care; Ramsey’s a great player who is wrong; Ryan still doesn’t care; Ramsey’s still a great player who is still wrong.

The globe will continue to spin with indifference to quarterback takes, and you are not safe from my, or anyone else’s, Drake jokes.

We’ll see how much Ryan continues not to care about this when the Falcons take on the Jaguars in Atlanta Saturday.