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PFF: Calvin Ridley, Brian Poole standouts from Chiefs vs. Falcons

The note about the pass rush piques our interest, though.

Kansas City Chiefs v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

So the good folks at Pro Football Focus have divvied out their ratings for the week, and the usual suspects from our most recent Atlanta Falcons preseason conversation line up in fine fashion.

As it says, rookie WR Calvin Ridley and slot corner Brian Poole both showed out, and WR Russell Gage got close to scoring an 80, which in PFFWorld, ain’t half bad for a rook. Poole only allowing eight yards on two targets, which might show his coverage skills are trending upward.

Look at DT Justin Zimmer, a pre-draft addition, scoring 78.4, hinting that he might be a guy to keep an eye on as the preseason dwindles, and LB Jonathan Celestin nabbing a 75.4, suggesting that his surprise push to make the 53-man roster might not be as far-fetched as you might think.

Though — and yes, there is a though — there’s the note about the pass rush only getting nine pressures on 36 drop backs. Now, that doesn’t mean the sky is falling, but the team might still be working on ways to generate consistent pressures. Neither Vic Beasley nor Takk McKinley played a ton in this, so don’t think that means either of these guys are having poor Augusts. Their play, like the rest of the starters, will begin to take full form come regular season.