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The Falcoholic Live’s Falcons vs. Chiefs Play-by-Play Show

Don’t get Falcons vs. Chiefs on TV or just prefer to hear Kevin and Eric call tonight’s game? Join us right here at 6:45 PM ET as the crew of The Falcoholic Live takes us through Friday’s preseason matchup.

Kevin Knight

Fellow Falcoholics, welcome to the second week of Atlanta Falcons preseason football! Kevin and Eric are back tonight with another play-by-play broadcast of the Falcons vs. Chiefs match-up. There should be plenty of interesting football to talk about, as both teams are likely to play their starters for at least the first quarter—with the Chiefs possibly playing their offensive starters throughout the first half. It should be a great time with plenty of hot takes and hopefully some points on offense for Atlanta. I’m looking at you, Sark.

For those that would like to take part in the chat during the game, you’ll find it on Facebook Live. If you don’t use Facebook, you can still watch/listen to the broadcast here but you won’t be able to access the live chat. Instead, look for The Falcoholic’s live open thread—which should be posted shortly before game time.

We’ll be starting the show at 6:45 PM ET sharp, so be sure to check back here or on Facebook Live at that time for the pre-game show and our live, play-by-play call of tonight’s game. Thanks for your support of the show, and we hope you enjoy tonight’s broadcast!