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Vic Beasley once again dedicating season to raise funds for childhood cancer research

Here’s how you can help.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

You may know Vic Beasley from such hits as “being selected by the Falcons with the No. 8 overall pick in 2015” and “leading the NFL in sacks in 2016.” But the most lasting legacy Beasley will leave behind when his days on the field are done may be his work with the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.

Since the 2016 season, Beasley has partnered with Rally Foundation to raise money to support their efforts. With his Tackle and Sack Challenge, fans can pledge a dollar amount per sack and tackle and at the end of the season, Rally will total it up and dedicate the funds to research to develop better treatments and therapies for children fighting childhood cancer.

A very special Rally Kid, Mary Tipton Carter, wants to help Beasley in his efforts. MT, who fought solid tumor cancer and has been cancer-free for three years, has a specific goal connected to this year’s challenge.

I’m going to let MT tell you why you should consider supporting the Rally Foundation.

“This is because the National Cancer Institute only donates 4 percent of their money to childhood cancer research and the rest goes to adults,” MT said during a speech she was kind enough to let me publish last year. “This is why there are so many organizations, including Rally, that have been made to raise money.”

That’s not all they do.

“Rally also supports Rally Kids,” MT said. “They come visit the Rally Kids while they’re in the hospital. This can be during scans or chemo. They also support us out of the hospital. They invite you to be in fun events like Rally Idol.”

It’s no surprise that Beasley is MT’s favorite player. Beasley’s pretty fond of her, too.

“Really, the one I’ve really been engaged with is MT,” Beasley told me during a Rally event this spring. “When I first met her, I just recognized so much energy, and considering her situation, how she continues to smile and show joy, just all the joy that she has. She definitely encourages me to continue to smile and not complain about anything.”

If you had pledged $4.40 to Beasley’s Tackle and Sack Challenge last season, you’d be on the hook for $101.20. Rally rates four stars from Charity Navigator, the site’s top grade, and 92% of funds raised go directly to research.

You can pledge to support Beasley and help kids like MT on the Rally Foundation website.