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Dan Quinn gives Falcons injury update, puts preseason play calling in perspective

It’s about evaluating players, of course, not gaining yards.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

As is often the case, Dan Quinn was able to stand in front of reporters and deliver some reassuring words. Today, it was on two fronts: Injuries and play calling.

Let’s start with the former, as it concerns us more than any other.

Injury update

The good news: The Falcons are basically totally healthy, with all but one player expected to suit up for Friday’s game against the Chiefs. The bad news, which isn’t even that bad: Matt Bryant might be the one man who doesn’t suit up.

That’s not terrible news because Bryant is a veteran with no real need for preseason tuneups, and because holding him out if he’s even a little injured is a smart move given that the team has no easy way to replace his golden leg.

Otherwise, we should see a series with the starters, and plenty of work for younger Falcons for the second straight week. All is well, in other words.

Play calling

This one’s interesting and worthy of calling out, as well. For everyone who grumbled about the team’s inability to score a single point against the Jets—and there were many of you—Quinn reminded us that the team’s objective is not so much to pick up eight yards on 3rd and 7, but to evaluate players in that specific instance. That means you’ll see the team forcing things to certain players in a way they might not otherwise, and calling plays they’d never even touch on 3rd and 22 in the season, god forbid we ever see that down and distance.

Remember that when you see the Falcons tilting at windmills Friday night against the Chiefs, which they will at times, and put your mind at ease.