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The Falcoholic Live’s Falcons @ Jets LIVE Play-by-Play Show

Join Kevin and Eric right here at 7:15 PM ET for a live play-by-play broadcast of tonight’s preseason match-up between the Falcons and Jets.

Kevin Knight

Watch the broadcast below beginning at 7:15 PM ET

Welcome, fellow Falcoholics, to the first preseason game of the 2018 season! Kevin and Eric are here to bring you live play-by-play coverage and analysis of the Falcons @ Jets match-up. For those that don’t get the game on TV, or simply prefer the sultry tones of our voices to those of the Jets’ announcers, the show will begin at 7:15 PM ET!

To clarify for those that have asked: we are NOT permitted to show game footage or game audio during our broadcast. Copyright laws and all that. However, we will be providing top-notch coverage from our viewing of the game. Keep in mind, however, that due to the nature of streaming, our broadcast is likely to be 1-2 minutes behind the live taping of the game. If you’d like us to sync up nicely with the game—and you have access to a DVR or something similar—simply pause the game until we announce the kickoff. After that, you should be good to go!

For those watching the show on Facebook, we’ll be monitoring the live chat there. For those watching here, there will be a live thread posted closer to game time that should suit your needs. If you have any questions or comments on the show, please feel free to leave them here or send them to us on Twitter @FalcoholicLive.

Thanks for watching and supporting the show, and we hope you enjoy tonight’s game!