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One big question from the tackle position: Who is the swing tackle?

Ty Sambrailo, Austin Pasztor, or a new challenger?

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

You know the series, and we’re on to the offensive line now. Here’s a question for the position with perhaps the biggest depth-related question marks.

The other day, I said that I considered an upgrade at swing tackle the one move that coujld really make me feel ebullient about this roster. It will be no great surprise to you, then, that I think the question of who the team’s swing tackle will ultimately be is the most important question at the position.

At the moment, there are a handful of contenders, none of them particularly inspiring. The Falcons can throw Ben Garland at the center position in case of injury, Garland and Wes Schweitzer at guard in a similar situation, but just don’t have that luxury at tackle. Ty Sambrailo, Austin Pasztor, UDFA Matt Gono and Daniel Brunskill. Out of these, Gono is a completely unproven (if interesting) player, Pasztor wasn’t healthy enough to win the job last year, and Brunskill was listed at about 260 pounds a year ago and might be better off competing along the interior.

Sambrailo is the default favorite here, then. I think Pasztor might have more upside in pass protection, but Sambrailo did decent work as a run blocker when he had to play for Ryan Schraeder. Perhaps he’ll be better in his second year with the team, but if the team had to rely on him for a long time, I imagine it would create some problems. Yet unless a more promising option shakes loose, I fully expect it to be Sambrailo.

How about you?