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Top 5 Atlanta Falcons 2017 Offensive Performance: No. 1

Julio Jones does not believe in naps.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown of the top offensive performances of the 2017 season for the Atlanta Falcons belongs to one of the most elite players in the entire league, Julio Jones.

It was art.

As stud receiver Julio Jones streaked down the left seam against Tampa Bay free safety Justin Evans, the crowd gazed in awe and the viewers at home watched in astonishment as Jones reeled in a 51-yard rainbow pass from veteran receiver Mohamed Sanu. A big play from Jones on a day where he was too much for an entire defense to handle.

The former first rounder out of Alabama hauled in 12 receptions on the day to go for 253 yards and two touchdowns. It was the third-highest yardage total for Jones in his career along with 300-yard outing against Carolina in 2016 and 259 yards on the road against Green Bay in 2015. Jones is the only receiver in NFL history to post multiple games of 250 yards or more. It was more than just a big day for Jones, it was an historic one.

After his 51-yard score, Jones took control of the Falcons second touchdown drive in the middle of the second quarter. Jones kicked off the drive with a 20-yard reception and an end-around that went for 16 yards. To cap off the drive, Jones faked a post route and left cornerback Ryan Smith stumbling as he executed his corner route and dove effortlessly for the pylon for his second touchdown of the day.

On the day, Jones was more than great. He was spectacular. Ironically, his special day came during the same game in which running back Tevin Coleman scored two rushing touchdowns, another entry this listing of top offensive performances. However, there was little doubt that Jones strung together a masterpiece that was the best single game performance this past season by an Atlanta Falcon.