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Calvin Ridley, Takk McKinley dealing with “minor” injuries that hopefully are really minor

They’d better be minor, given the stakes.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Training Camp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons, like every other NFL team, are going to deal with training camp injuries. The key is to hope and pray to the gods of your choosing that none of the injuries are major, because teams like the Chargers and Panthers are already dealing with those kinds of season-altering ailments, and it ain’t fun.

Enter Calvin Ridley and Takk McKinley, who both suffered injuries in Saturday’s second training camp practice. Ridley was showing his devastating speed in practice before this injury, while Takk was looking healthy after an offseason of recovery. Losing either one into the regular season would be a massive blow to this Falcons team. Thankfully, the team reported both injuries were minor, which is at least an encouraging sign for the moment.

I don’t need to tell you that injuries that are reported as minor sometimes aren’t, but I’m not going to open a can of trouble until we have to. For now, we’ll hope that Ridley and McKinley are just going to be out for a day or a handful of days and remain on track to play in the preseason, because the prep time will be valuable and both players will be counted upon to play significant roles for this gifted Falcons team.

The time is particularly vital for Ridley, who looks very advanced early on but is still just a rookie wide receiver in an offense looking to take flight this season. We’ll all be waiting until Quinn gives us an update tomorrow, because in the meantime “minor” is still very much in quotation marks.