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Falcons sign defensive back Terrance Parks ahead of training camp

The former CFLer is likely a camp body.

San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Falcons may be freeing up a roster spot by cutting somebody, or they might be putting Julio Jones on one of those fancy lists for people who aren’t reporting to training camp. Either way, they’ve filled the void with Terrance Parks, a 28-year-old defensive back.

Parks last had an NFL cup of coffee back in 2015, when he joined the Falcons practice squad, but he also had brief stints with the Seahawks, Texans, and Chiefs. He also spent eight days with a CFL team, so he’s not exactly coming in here with a wealth of game experience.

Chances are that Parks will only be in Atlanta for a short while, given how loaded the team is at defensive back, but he’ll give the team veteran depth for the duration of his stay. We’ll soon find out what the corresponding move is, but my money’s on the team officially recognizing Julio Jones’ holdout and filling his spot for the moment.