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The Atlanta Falcons are the 29th-most valuable franchise in sports, per Forbes

You may be surprised to learn that your favorite football team is worth a lot of money.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you’re sitting down for this one: The Atlanta Falcons are worth more money than you and I will ever see or really even think about rationally in our entire lifetimes. That makes them one of the more valuable franchises in the NFL, to say nothing of sports.

Per Forbes, the Falcons are the 29th-most valuable team and 15th-most valuable NFL franchise heading into the 2018 season. For the second straight year, the team’s valuation clocked in at $2.475 billion, which is an awful lot of hot dogs at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

This news doesn’t really impact any of us—unless you really enjoy bragging about the fact that this franchise is worth more than any of the others in the NFC South, because it is—but the fact that 29 NFL teams place among the top 50 tells you the league’s popularity just isn’t flagging that badly in face of all the many PR disasters and on-field troubles it has endured.

Hopefully, that means plenty of people will be watching if/when the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl in February 2019.