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Patriots considered taking Falcons WR Calvin Ridley in 2018 draft

Well, that’s certainly something to consider.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots are a despised team in Falconland, perhaps only second to the New Orleans Saints.

After all, they kind of stole the happiest night in this fan base’s history right from under their feet. But, they didn’t wind up pulling the rug on the team’s draft target in April.

It appears the Pats had an eye on new Falcons WR Calvin Ridley.

So, New England had an eye to Ridley, then decided to opt to take Georgia G Isaiah Wynn with the 23rd pick.

The Patriots are a bit here and there with drafting wide receivers to be honest, but they never seem to have a dearth of talent at the position. Perhaps that’s because they’re playing with Tom Brady, to be fair, but they do have an eye for the spot, even if some drafted talent hasn’t always panned out. It’s mightily encouraging for Ridley’s prospects if one of the smartest minds in football history in Bill Belichick was interested in adding him to his team.

But, they opted to take Wynn, and now Ridley is a Falcon. Thanks for not breaking our spirits this time, Pats!

So, let’s play a little speculation for a second. What if the Patriots take Ridley, and the Falcons are left with what they’ve got at 26?

Part of you wonders if they end up taking Taven Bryan in that situation, who wound up in Jacksonville. Would they just go ahead and take Isaiah Oliver in this scenario, since it was reported they viewed him as a first-round talent? If so, getting him where they wound up getting him is a major coup for the organization.

Would they go with someone out of left field? Perhaps a Harold Landry? Who’s to say.

As it stands, the Falcons appear to have gotten the guy they wanted, and this time, no New Englanders got in the way of their happiness.