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Julio Jones shows to Matt Ryan’s offseason passing camp, as expected

What, did you really expect he would skip this?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Julio Jones is in the middle (or hopefully end) of a very public holdout through minicamp. He’s looking for the Atlanta Falcons to break him off with some more money, likely in part to give him better job security down the line. There were many people expecting Jones to oddly skip Matt Ryan’s annual offseason passing camp in Miami, Florida. That idea is so funny we wrote this whole article with my favorite photoshop ever.

Matt Ryan said way back at minicamp that he fully expects Jones to make it to passing camp, and holding out of the passing camp doesn’t make much sense unless Jones wanted to force his way off of the team. That’d be quite out of character, and we finally have confirmation Jones showed.

Via professional twitter user Jose Gatsby, who took this screen shot of Calvin Ridley’s Instagram page.

Could we possibly get worse lighting? The only thing I can tell for sure is Julio Jones is present, and he did not get fat this offseason. He looks ready to work, and does not want to lose any chemistry with his former MVP quarterback.

Whether Jones shows up to training camp in under two weeks is another question. The Falcons have almost no cap space, but the team could help push some money around as a good faith effort they will give him a market-rate extension in 2019.