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Grady Jarrett is disruptive by any metric you can choose

His 2017 campaign might actually be underrated outside of Atlanta.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

If it feels like we talk up Grady Jarrett constantly, it’s because we do. It’s also because it’s justified.

We know that Jarrett had some of the best stop numbers in the NFL, that he managed a very solid sack total, and that he nearly intercepted a spike, which makes him borderline superhuman. But did you know that he also led all NFL defensive linemen when it came to making first contact with a running back in the backfield?

What this illustrates, more than anything else, is how good Jarrett is at finding his way into a backfield. His power, refined technique and amazing karate chop action allow him to fight past offensive linemen and make things happen, and as I like to remind everyone, he may not have reached his full potential just yet. If he can continue to hit running backs (and quarterbacks) in the backfield, the Falcons are going to look pretty damn good on defense.

For fun, tell me what you expect his 2018 stat line to look like.