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If you could make one move to finish off this Falcons roster, what would it be?

Just one, mind you.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons had a pretty great roster (yes, yes, on paper) before they ever signed Terrell McClain and Ron Parker. With those two in the fold, an already promising defense got even stronger, and the offense already looked terrific.

Assuming you don’t think this roster is a slam dunk Super Bowl pick, I’d like to see what move you think the Falcons could make right now to take this strong team and cement it as a juggernaut. This move shouldn’t be wildly unrealistic—if you suggest a trade for Aaron Donald I might gently suggest that you have crossed into another dimension—but it should improve the roster and tie a neat little bow on a quietly good offseason.

For me, it would be an upgrade at swing tackle, perhaps in the form of Jacksonville veteran Jeremy Parnell (who is rumored to be on the chopping block) or (don’t laugh) Dallas tackle Chaz Green, who was hilariously annihilated by the Falcons last year. Parnell is steady as they come and could possibly be on the chopping block late this summer, while Green is still young enough to fare better with help and coaching, especially from the team that tore him down a year ago. Either would be an upgrade over Ty Sambrailo, based on what we saw last year, and likely over Austin Pasztor as well.

If that seems to be aiming somewhat low, it’s because I worry about the line staying healthy all year and because I believe the starters are more or less set at this point. Bring me a swing tackle and let’s get this thing done.

How about you?