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WR Devin Fuller no longer with Falcons

The team’s 2016 seventh rounder is elsewhere now.

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Lousy news for fans of Falcons WR Devin Fuller.

It appears he’s no longer with the team, per Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter D. Orlando Ledbetter the other day. Falcons Twitter compatriot Steve in Brooklyn asked of his status, and got this simple response.

The team’s official roster has removed Fuller from the lineup, and Fuller has removed his Falcons mention from his Twitter bio. Indeed, it looks like Fuller has been waived by the team after spending 2017 on IR after a tough break in the summer with an ACL tear.

This spells a sad end to Fuller’s time with the team, as he missed all of his rookie season with an injury as well. He was the last offensive pick made in the brief-but-memorable Kyle Shanahan era (seventh round, 2016 draft), but never got a chance to prove what he could do for the team.

He was long thought to be a contender for the returner spot and a depth position in the wide receivers group, but now that he’s gone, it cements the idea that guys like Marvin Hall, Reggie Davis and Russell Gage will be going head-to-head for those spots.

Fuller’s still young, and should latch on somewhere for a camp if he’s healthy, perhaps with Shanahan in San Francisco. He had promise, but never got to live up to it in Atlanta. Let’s hope he can find it elsewhere for his sake. The guy deserves to break even here soon.

We wish Fuller well wherever he lands, and close the book on this chapter of Falcons lore. He remains an intriguing “what if” for recent Falcons memory.