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Report: Yes, Julio Jones really is expected at Falcons’ June minicamp

The Falcons plan on seeing the Jet land in Flowery Branch next week.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

For those worried that Julio Jones will skip out on the team’s mandatory minicamp, well, let your fears subside!

NFL’s Tom Pelissero reports the team will be looking for Jones to be out to practice next week for the team’s mandatory June minicamp. After Jones indicated he’d go and the Falcons said he expected them to be there, all that was missing was a report from a plugged-in beat reporter. We’ve now got that.

So, Jones should be present for the most important pre-July team activity, and will have plenty of time to begin to get into rhythm with Matt Ryan and the rest of the Falcons offense.

The Julio news spin this offseason has been exhausting, so it is nice to get a firm piece of news that states he’ll be around, especially after the team has said they expected it. But, then again, should we have expected any differently? Julio has never been, for a minute, anything but the consummate teammate, and no one should have ever been suspicious that would change, particularly as he got older. This has been a grand dollop of non-story, and it’ll be nice when he stops by camp for practice, and they get this inevitable extension done, so we can go back to seeing the Jet be the Jet.

If you’re big on seeing your favorite Falcons player in shirts and shorts catching passes and getting accustomed to the 2018 offense, then, boy howdy, you’re in luck. All signs point to a Jet landing next week.