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One question for the Falcons FB position: Who wins the battle?

The Falcons have three relatively unknown contenders for the starter.

Rutgers v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Our series of positional questions is rolling along, with fullback and the only possible question for the position.

Look, it would be a surprise if fullback wound up being a position of strength for the Falcons in 2018. The team has three undrafted free agents, past or present, fighting for the job, and while you never really know with a position like fullback, it’s unlikely 2016 Patrick DiMarco is going to be reincarnated into the body of Ricky Ortiz, especially since DiMarco is alive and well.

The best we can probably hope for is a mild upgrade on Derrick Coleman, probably. That still leaves the question of who is going to win the job.

Your three contenders are bruising Nebraska fullback Luke McNitt, strong Stanford lead blocker and possible Karl Marx relative Daniel Marx, and the recently-signed Ricky Ortiz, who got some run at the fullback position a preseason ago with the Baltimore Ravens. The team has lined up three contenders because there’s no obvious favorite at the moment,

My money’s still on McNitt, who was a hell of a blocker in college and has a solid chance of translating that to the NFL. The Falcons don’t really need an offensive threat at the position with all their other weapons, but they do need someone who can block better than Coleman, an otherwise fine player and very useful special teamer. McNitt arguably fits the bill better than anyone else, and I think that gives him the edge he’ll need to take the job.

What say you?