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Julio Jones lands at #4 in the NFL Top 100 list, two spots behind Antonio Brown

It’s quite a feat and yet probably not enough for many.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Julio Jones clocked in as the fourth-best player in the entire NFL on the NFL’s annual (and always controversial) Top 100 list. If you wanted to go by talent alone, I think a top five ranking for Julio is pretty much spot on, even if the rest of the top ten seemed very weird.

That’s what typically happens with this list, though. There were snubs (Deion Jones) and surprises (Matt Ryan actually making the list after a down year), but at least we have Julio in an impressive spot. It’s a fun but hardly important list, and there’s no need to be too upset about anything on it. Oh, and...

/looks around nervously

/lowers hatch over bunker

...he finished two spots behind Antonio Brown.

This will be yet another cup of gasoline on the raging fire that is the Julio Jones vs. Antonio Brown debate. Both are future Hall of Famers if they play at a high level for a few more years, they’re easily #1 and #2 in the NFL at their position unless you’re ready to crown Odell Beckham Jr. Julio has had the better playoff resume overall, has more yards per game than any receiver in NFL history, and has a handful of huge games Brown can’t touch, while Brown has more touchdowns, a stellar record of production in his own right, and more overall yardage.

I’m of the honest belief that you can make a very good argument for either one, and I have to acknowledge my strong preference for Julio is borne at least partially out of homerism. It is sort of weird to see them separated by two spots, but I guess that those touchdowns make a powerful case in the minds of some. We’ll just have to settle for knowing exactly how good Julio is.