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Atlanta Falcons talk: What year did you become a fan?

Let’s travel back in time.

Buccaneers V Falcons

One of my favorite things to do every offseason, besides pine for training camp, is getting a better sense of the demographics of The Falcoholic’s readership. That’s particularly fun when we ask where you’re from—which we’ll do later this week—but I also like seeing when readers actually became fans.

So that’s what we’ll do today. If you have a moment, share what year you became a fan, and what sparked you becoming a fan in the first place. For me, as you well know by now, the 1991 season is about as far back as I can remember, and that 1991 victory over the Saints in the playoffs is absolutely what cemented my fandom. Playing as the Falcons in Tecmo Super Bowl for the next decade certainly didn’t hurt, either.

Let’s hear your story! Make us feel old.