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The Falcons have heavy SEC representation on their roster

It stands out when you look at the roster as currently constructed.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons used to get knocked, frequently, for not having enough Georgia players on their roster. If you weren’t a Georgia fan and were willing to overlook that, you may still have been angry about SEC representation.

It’s fair to say that’s changed, though perhaps not to the degree everyone would like. When I was looking over the roster to see which colleges were most prominently represented, SEC schools came up again and again. In case you’re curious, here’s a list of the schools the Falcons have gone to again and again to fill out the team from the conference.

LSU - 4

Alabama - 3

Georgia - 3

And in addition, they have lighter representation from these SEC schools.

Florida - 2

Auburn - 1

South Carolina - 1

Texas A&M - 1

Vanderbilt - 1

Admittedly not all of those guys are roster locks, but you’re potentially talking about about a about a quarter of the gameday roster being SEC players. The Falcons have been especially keen on LSU players, snagging Deion Jones, Duke Riley and Russell Gage in the draft over the last three seasons.

In addition to the SEC, the team currently has three players apiece from the following schools:

Oregon State



Clemson, which is of course not an SEC school but somehow I always think it is and frequently embarrass myself as a result

If you’re looking for a pattern here, there probably isn’t one. The Falcons just have gotten better at identifying talent, and they seem to be able to snag quality players from nearly every school they look at. It’s just that there’s a major concentration of talent in the SEC, as so many of you are quick to remind me.

Perhaps that means a few of you are happier with the way this team has built the roster over the last few seasons, too.