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Falcons’ new super premium tailgating is probably going to be very expensive

The new tailgating spot is will have a parking and concierge service. The price? If you are asking, you probably can’t afford it.

via AMB Group

The Georgia Dome had a “backyard” area where there were a few events and weekly stuff for you to do to kill time. That, is of course, not quite the case at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which will get some ultraposh playground and tailgate area, with a concierge service. If you have found yourself loading drinks into the back of your Rolls Royce and wondered to yourself why you can’t pay someone else to bring stuff to a sports networking event, boy do I have great news for you.

On game days, The Home Depot Backyard will transform into a tailgating location for avid fans to come together and create a fun and exciting experience. Mercedes-Benz Stadium has partnered with Tailgate Guys to offer fans access to various gameday packages with amenities such as tents, TV packages, tables, chairs and more. The packages offer access to bellhop services, an onsite concierge, catering and a boosted tailgating atmosphere before and after the games. Packages can be reserved on a full-season, multi-game and individual game basis while space is available.

While the Gulch was a fantastic tailgating spot, it was pretty rough around the edges. This will be a little different, as you can guess from the passage above and the image below.

From AMB Group

Super premium tailgating. It costs at least $50 to look into this lot and there is a very strict “no hats” policy*. You can drop those smaller people that live in your home into a free-range pen while you are making LinkedIn connections and talking about whether Mike Vick will finally bring home the Lombardi, or something along those lines.

The tailgating spot will have amenities including a shaded pavilion, a sports field, biking and walking paths, playgrounds, and public restrooms. Actually, they may have sold me on that last one, if we’re being honest.

According to their website, the Tailgate Guys set up TVs, tents, chairs, bring ice, clean up, and stuff like that. So if you are following along, you can buy parking tickets for the new lot, and also have someone set up all of your stuff. This service should appeal to everyone all the way from the big movers and shakers setting tranches in mortgaged-backed securities that don’t want to ruffle up their white collar dress shirt underneath their starched Falcons jersey, all the way down to the blue collar oil speculators at the New York Mercantile Exchange that want to take a load off with a super casual four-in-hand knot on their silk ties.

The cost? There’s no prices available, only contact information to inquire. I’m going to guess you are going to need to expense it.

*We assume