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Dan Quinn confident Julio Jones contract situation will be resolved by training camp

Another encouraging note for your weekend.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

This past Thursday, Falcons head coach Dan Quinn mentioned that he believes Julio Jones will have a revised contract by training camp. That would obviously mean #11 will be at Flowery Branch to practice in late July, which is what we all want to see right now.

Specifically, Quinn said the following:

“The good news is that there are conversations that have begun.. I have a lot of faith in the organization and also in Julio that things will get resolved with good communications. I’m sure that’ll be a part of it as well.”

Julio Jones skipped the OTA program this year due to a desire for a new or revised deal. Basically, we’re hoping Quinn’s positive words mean that we can sleep at night knowing this situation will soon come to a halt.

Statistically, at the age of 30, many wide receivers begin to regress. What Julio is doing is understanding that he is being paid less than some other top receivers, anticipating a potential dropoff (however small) for his production, and therefore requesting some kind of deal with more guaranteed money. That’s very smart, in Julio’s case. He’s fully aware that the Falcons front office will not let him retire with another team, and he’s using that leverage to push for a better deal for him.

So what is he going to get?

Cam’s Take: 3 years, $42.78 million

I think he’s going to look to adjust his contract to get more guaranteed money and bring the $11 million or so average he’s due to earn over the next three years up, and will make roughly $14.26 million dollars a year. Based off of other top wide receivers around the league, their progression, salaries, and stats, this contract makes sense for Julio and the Falcons.

DQ’s comments lead me to the conclusion that the team wants a contract that will benefit both sides, and I believe this one does. Now we’ll just wait and see how the Falcons and Julio resolved the situation.