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Matt Ryan: Julio Jones will be at annual offseason passing camp

Ryan has held an offseason passing camp in Miami the last few years, and doesn’t expect any holdouts.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

In case you missed the news, Julio Jones has a slight disagreement with management and is missing a little bit of practice. Fines are being racked up for each missed minicamp date, but it doesn’t mean Jones is too busy hanging out with Terrell Owens to miss pass camp.

Ryan started an offseason passing camp a few years ago to help build up chemistry with his pass catchers. Over the years, more players have made it out to the pass camp, including running backs. Jones has been catching some flack from fans for still having three years left on his deal. However, the culmination of a first-round rookie wide receiver in Calvin Ridley, severely outplaying his last deal, and guys like Jarvis Landry and Sammy Watkins signing bigger deals, Jones is probably looking to make sure he isn‘t unceremoniously hung out to dry after his current deal is up.

Jones clearly has no hard feelings regarding his teammates, as he should be in Miami to catch some sweet Ryan passes. He probably wakes up in cold sweats after dreams of an over the shoulder toss from Ryan.