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The Falcons won’t take anyone in the supplemental draft, but there are players worth taking

So hey, maybe pay attention to it.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We covered this before, but the Falcons simply don’t pick players in the supplemental NFL draft. They haven’t made one in the last 34 years, and this won’t be the year that changes that.

This is, however, the rare year where a player or two might actually get drafted and make an impact. Josh Gordon in 2012, Terrelle Pryor in 2011, and Ahmad Brooks in 2006 were the only players since 2000 to make a genuine impact in the NFL, but this year’s crop includes three defensive backs who would be mid-round selections in the regular draft.

Those three are Mississippi State safety Brandon Bryant, Michigan CB Sam Beal, and Virginia CB Adonis Alexander are the three players who intend to enter the supplemental draft. There are defensive back-needy teams who might be interested in all three, and Beal in particular actually has quite a bit of promise. All three technically have only applied to be included and haven’t been confirmed yet, but if they are, July’s supplemental draft becomes legitimately interesting.

The Falcons could have some interest in Bryant, I suppose, given that they’re a bit thin at safety at the moment. He’s a ridiculous athlete at the safety position who could blossom into an above average starter, though he’d like sit year one. But unless the Falcons can do so for, say, a seventh round selection in the 2019 NFL Draft, I doubt they’ll be interested. History tells us they probably won’t bite even for that level of compensation.

So while I doubt they wind up in Atlanta, it may actually be worth tracking where these players land. There may be that rare quality starter in the mix this year.