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Matt Ryan is #29 on the 2018 NFL Top 100

The Atlanta Falcons QB wasn’t the MVP this year, but he still had a great year.

Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Matt Ryan didn’t not have an MVP season in 2018. We know that’s partly due to a strong year from other players, and partly because every fourth pass caromed malignly off the hands of a receiver, a too-tall blade of grass, or rogue air molecules and into the waiting hands of a defensive back. These things happen.

Still, it’s obvious that his peers respect Ryan, even if his numbers took a nosedive. That’s why Ryan is #29 on the NFL Top 100 for 2018. He was #10 a year ago, in his MVP season.

Ryan’s coming into 2018 with justifiably high expectations for his play. He’s due to bounce back in a talented offense that added a veteran guard in Brandon Fusco and a promising rookie receiver in Calvin Ridley, and without (we hope) Steve Sarkisian’s many mistakes as a rookie offensive coordinator.

Congratulations to Ryan, and may he once again be the MVP this year.