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Matt Ryan has better odds of winning MVP than QB Drew Brees, RB Cam Newton

With gambling legalized just in time for us to get out of this really bad hole, we’ve been looking at some betting lines.

Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The offseason is a terrible, terrible place, but you can get in early on betting with all these locks guaranteed to pay out money. Oh, actually I’m told by our attorneys that none of these are locks, and you will probably just lose a bunch of money on stupid bets. I like to see where the Vegas odds have the Falcons, and found a few interesting stats from Sports Betting Dime.

The best? Matt Ryan has the 5th best odds of winning league MVP, but he was somehow edged out by an injured Carson Wentz and Russell Wilson, who has the league’s sport’s worst offensive coordinator. Who isn’t in the top five? Saints quarterback Drew Brees slots in after Ryan, followed by RB/OW Cam Newton. Coolest bet for MVP? Aaron Donald at 85/1 odds.

Falcons have 12/1 odds for the league’s top scoring offense, meaning Vegas likes Steve Sarkisian way more than the comments on the Falcoholic. Calvin Ridley has 32/1 odds of winning offensive rookie of the year. Those two could actually go hand in hand. Atlanta’s Super Bowl odds are at 26/1 right now, which feels about right.

Vegas isn’t showing much respect for Atlanta’s defense, but it’s hard to fault them too much for that. If Atlanta succeeds in 2018, it’s going to be due to these offensive categories.