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How did Atlanta do in ESPN’s latest round of 2018 Power Rankings?

And, if we’re being forward, does it even matter?

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Well, it’s May, and there really isn’t all that much for us to discuss and/or talk about when it comes to Atlanta Falcons.

Psh, like that’s stopped us in the past!

ESPN has unveiled its latest set of 2018 Power Rankings, and since you’re so interested, we thought we’d bring you the latest unveiling.

The grand sports network has the Birds ranked eighth overall in the league, and threw in this blurb.

The Falcons drafted wide receiver Calvin Ridley in the first round. Their past two first-round receivers? Roddy White and Julio Jones, who currently sit first and second on the franchise’s all-time receiving list.

So, yay, Calvin!

They’ve got the Saints at spot number four, the Panthers close behind at 11 and the Bucs sitting down the list on 25. Of course, the Eagles and Patriots are atop the ranks.

So, there it is. Power rankings in May.

I think the Saints’ monstrous schedule and Drew Brees’ continued aging is going to be a bit of a challenge for them, even if they technically got somewhat better on both sides of the ball this offseason. Marcus Davenport could develop into a good pass rusher fast, and adding Cam Meredith to that receiving core is a very underrated boost. After floundering in mediocrity for so long, the Saints roared back with a vengeance last season, but how long can they sustain this revival with Brees nearing 40? They might have another season or two in them, but that schedule is a bear. We’ll see how they fare.

The Panthers have added a lot of pieces to the offense, and will have Norv Turner calling the plays. Chalk them up as a big slice of “who knows.” It could go really well, and it could flame out. It could also just be fine. That receiving core with D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel, Devin Funchess, Torrey Smith and Greg Olsen is a little worrisome just because we don’t know how potent it could be, if it’ll even be potent at all. The defense should still be sound. Carolina is just going to be one of those “wait and see” teams next fall.

Everyone is sleeping on the Buccaneers, and I’m here to warn you to say, don’t do that. That defensive line is substantially better, and they loaded tons of draft resources into the secondary. The offense has so much firepower and no lighting fluid, but you just wonder when that will change. I’m not here to say the Bucs are going to the Super Bowl, but I am here to say that you’d best not automatically assume they’re going to underwhelm again. They’re a talented team with veteran coaching on a fourth-place schedule, mind you. There actually might be something starting to flicker down at Raymond James Stadium.

As for the Falcons? Well, you know how I feel. It’s always good when your team is lacking a ton of attention and expectation going in to the season, and that third-place schedule could come in handy when it counts. I do expect them back in the playoffs in some way, shape or form next season, but won’t venture to guarantee you much past that. Whether or not they can make noise in that grand run will depend on Steve Sarkisian. Everything in 2018 depends on Steve Sarkisian. If he improves, this team has unlimited potential. If he doesn’t, I worry where the disappointing ceiling might fall.

So, that’s a ton of words on May power rankings. I don’t know, it’s pretty outside, go take a walk or something.