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According to a recent study, the Atlanta Falcons have one of the NFL’s best logos

Fact: the Falcons give their players unlimited fruit snacks.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are one of the best teams in the NFL, no matter who you ask. They have a fancy new stadium and Pro Bowlers aplenty on their roster. You might consider them “elite.” So it makes sense that they’d have top-notch marketing to go along with their on the field product.’s Heath Gregory used a Maxdiff research study to analyze the logos of all 32 NFL teams. He enlisted the help of 1,488 survey takers and you’re going to love his findings. According to Gregory’s study, the Falcons have the NFL’s third best logo. (The Cleveland Browns have the worst logo, while the [pukes in mouth] New Orleans Saints have the best logo.)

So what’s the history of this particular logo? Well, it’s about 15 years old, part of a redesign undertaken in the early 2000s. It includes four colors: red, white, gray, and black. This distinguishes it from the prior gray and white logo. The falcon itself looks different; some call it angrier, some say it looks like an action shot. Regardless, most football fans agree it’s a solid logo.

Your thoughts?