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Very good CB Robert Alford ranks among best 2017 positional playmakers

Fact: Robert Alford is good at football.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Falcons cornerback Robert Alford, who is a very good football player, ranked among the best football players at his position in 2017 when it comes to defensive playmaking.

So, that’s 16 combined pass breakups and interceptions last season. The lone interception came on the photo above against the Panthers, but that’s a ton of passes defended for the Falcons’ second cornerback, who is good at his job.

His official stats say he had a pick and 20 passes defended last season, which put him at fourth in the league for total PDs behind Darius Slay (26), Casey Hayward (22) and Kyle Fuller (22). That’s, y’know, really good.

Some Falcons fans think Alford is not good, and those fans would be very wrong. Alford is very good, and people need to be reminded of that every season.

Does he struggle with penalties? Well, kind of. He had seven last year (five defensive holdings, two defensive pass interferences), which could be better, but you know who else had seven penalties last year? Detroit’s Slay, and star Arizona CB Patrick Peterson. CB Marcus Peters had 9. So, I don’t know, maybe penalties tend to matter less when you’re a cornerback, assuming you also play well.

The narrative around Alford has never been good, but his play has always good. Desmond Trufant, the team’s top corner, is also very good, and people don’t throw his way a ton, which helps, and new rookie corner Isaiah Oliver also looks to be good. Brian Poole is pretty darn good for a slot corner, so the Falcons’ defensive rotation at CB is about to be super freaking great-good.

Let’s say it one more time: Robert Alford is a good player. Repeat three times in the mirror when you wake up in the morning. Tell the mailman and your next door neighbor. Put it on a bumper sticker and sew it in your favorite jacket.

Make 2018 the year we never have to hear bad Alford takes ever again.

After all, he’s real good.