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Atlanta Falcons talk: What was your first memory of the team?

Playoff victory, regular season loss, or iconic moment?

Gary Anderson

We talk a lot about Falcons history here, but we don’t necessarily talk about Falcons memories as often. Part of that might be the more traumatic memories we’re all dealing with, but there are still a lot of good ones, and the offseason is the ideal time to discuss them.

Tonight, I’m wondering what your oldest Falcons memory is. We don’t all keenly recall the exact moment we first saw and loved this team, I’m sure, but you probably have an origin story of your own that’s worth sharing.

I’ve dusted this off dozens of times in the site’s history, but my first concrete memory of the Falcons is the 1991 playoff game that saw the Falcons beat the saints. That helped kick off a lifelong interest in the Falcons that has not been at all stressful, and it really set me up to expect frequent wins over the Saints, with mixed results over the years.

What’s your first memory?