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Did the Migos turn Julio Jones into a money-hungry diva: a very serious Falcoholic investigation

Only a few seasons ago Julio was dabbing on them like the usual. Since he met the Migos, he’s reportedly asking for more money. Does he just want to be young, rich, plus boujee?

2017 BET Experience STAPLES Center - Concert Sponsored By Sprite - Night 3 Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

While there were rumors circulating this offseason, we finally received word Julio Jones is looking for more money. The star wide receiver, previously a team player and consummate professional, is skipping OTAs and who knows what else.

What happened? It seems like just yesterday we had wholesome Instagram posts between him practicing his routes. Look at the wholesomeness in this post. Team-centric. Dedicated to winning. Knows every intricacy of the playbook. Loves squirrels.

A squirrel and I

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Diamonds? No. Rappers? No, not unless that squirrel has a mixtape. Dedication? Absolutely. In fact, I think the cameraman has the playbook open above the camera to make sure Julio knows every route. Distraction-free Julio.

Dan Quinn preaches brotherhood. He’s all about teamwork. All gas no brakes. Fast and physical. There’s no question that it’s all about winning the Super Bowl. It helped Jones have his best season in 2016. What happened in 2017? Jones started hanging out with popular rap artists Migos, which per Wikipedia, consists of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. We saw Jones nearly in the middle of a rap beef, or rap beefs, just one year ago.

Did Jones replace Quinn’s team-first mantra with Migos’ culture of “cream”?

Was Jones distracted during the Super Bowl because all of his friends were tossing around gratuitous amounts of money? Jones needed to pay attention to the defense, not the $300,000 bet the rap group placed on Atlanta. How can Julio work on his chemistry with Matt Ryan when his friend Quavo is saying, and I quote, “I’m coming to put Matty Ice on ice.

Jones needs to be mentoring Calvin Ridley, just like Roddy White did with Julio. Instead he is distracted by selling expensive, luxury Kias.

After meeting the three Migeese, Jones starred in what professionals call “rap videos” where he’s more worried about buying a matching diamond watch than cap space.

We have looked through countless rap lyrics, and can’t find a single mention of balancing out your cap hit to allow spending in free agency. No, instead, it’s about money, and now Julio is asking for more.

Coincidence? Just look at these lyrics from Big on Big.

Green Lambo, Piccolo/Diamonds drippin’ on me, Nickelodeon/You goin’ too big, you talkin’ bout money you botherin’ me/I own all of my cars, jewelry, and I got property/Building these houses in places I’m playing Monopoly/Please do not talk to me/You don’t do nothin’, you obsolete

You will notice an alarming change in Julio’s performance as well.

It seems like Julio is spending too much time in the kitchen, wrist twistin’ like a stir fry (whip it), and not enough to keep down his cap number. And I blame Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. (Takeoff) (Takeoff).