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Atlanta Falcons talk: Who will be the biggest surprise on the 53 man roster?

Stanford v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

There is usually a surprise on this Atlanta Falcons roster, when all is said and done. It’s just that the surprises are less numerous now, with one of the league’s best rosters, and it would be genuinely unsurprising if there were no surprises.

Yet the Falcons, who love digging up gems as much as anyone, still will probably smuggle an undrafted free agent or unexpected veteran onto the roster. The question for tonight’s Saturday night discussion is this: Who will it be?

Let’s start by noting that an undrafted free agent fullback making the roster would not actually be surprising, given that the only two men currently competing for the job are two undrafted free agents. Clear those two out of the way and all you have left are at least mild surprises.

I’m going to go with undrafted safety Chris Lammons, myself. People I know, like, and trust have been talking up Lammons since the moment he arrived in Atlanta, and after watching a little of his play, I can understand why. Lammons has experience at cornerback, but he’s a physical player who was a factor on returns for South Carolina, and the Falcons simply don’t have proven safety depth beyond Damontae Kazee. Considering Sharrod Neasman took a similar path to a roster spot and Lammons has the tools to be a better player—and the fact that the competition doesn’t look fierce on paper—and he’s got a real shot. It would still be a little bit of a surprise to see him make it versus, say, the Falcons simply signing a veteran.

Give us your choice(s), if you would.