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Watch: New Falcons WR Calvin Ridley in rookie minicamp

Here’s a nice little highlight reel for your day.

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Well, Atlanta’s rookie minicamp has come and gone, and the team got a look at the new guys, and what they’re starting to bring to the table.

The NFL recently released a nice little highlight reel of new Falcons WR Calvin Ridley getting his first practice reps with the team, and even though it’s May shirts-and-shorts ball, he looks like he’s going to be a fun addition to the team. See for yourself.

The eyes looking to the left are right — Ridley shows impressive footwork and fluidity in the video, and it’s good to see he’s already underway in learning Atlanta’s system. Again, he’s got the potential to make this offense special again, with he, Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu Sr. a dangerous trio for opposing defenses to play against for the 2018 season. Get a little breakout from Austin Hooper and boast a healthy ground game and you can run roughshod over the league, we think.

Things are about to get real quiet on the Falcons front now that the rookies have come and gone, so watch for the transaction wire to blip every now and again as the team tweaks the hard 90, and stay tuned for OTA offseason workouts over the next few weeks, and the mandatory minicamp that runs June 12-14. Then, it’ll be the long break before camp starts up, and then, well, it’ll be time to get to work for the new season.

It’ll fly by fast; we promise. But until then, a few shorts-and-shirts highlights’ll do the trick.