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Deion Jones posted one of the best linebacker PFF coverage grades in a decade-plus

That boy is good.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Deion Jones was, in hindsight, a game-changing sort of prospect. Now that the Falcons have Jones, teams are trying desperately to unearth their own “smallish,” hyper-athletic linebacker with sideline-to-sideline coverage skills. It’s tough to top Jones himself, however, and we’re extremely grateful he wound up in Atlanta.

Just how good is his coverage, though? Aside from the occasional hiccup, pretty damn stellar.

It’s fine to mistrust some of PFF’s grades, if you like, but there’s really no reason to doubt the contours of this one. Jones has proven to be an outrageously good linebacker capable of absurd leaping interceptions, primarily off of Drew Brees, but he’s also more than capable of tracking his man all over the field. He’s simply that good, and more than any other player on the defense, his versatility and ability are crucial to this young defense’s continued improvement.

Let’s hope that Debo’s third year is his best one yet, if greater heights are indeed possible.