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The Falcons fullback competition may come down to two undrafted players

Daniel Marx and Luke McNitt are the names to watch for the moment.

Stanford v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons wisely elected not to draft a fullback, or to overpay for one in free agency. That does mean that they’re either going to be rummaging through the scrap heap or turning the position over to a rookie undrafted free agent, however, and at the moment it looks like it will be the latter.

The Falcons have unofficially agreed to bring in two fullbacks among their UDFA crop, with Nebraska’s Luke McNitt and Stanford’s Daniel Marx joining the roster for the moment. McNitt is a powerful blocker and special teamer, while Marx is a little slower but carries the same kind of potential value. It’ll be at true competition between the two, and the team can determine whether one can handle the job or if they need to turn to free agency.

It’s a smart play, given that fullback is not the most valuable position on the roster. A year ago, the Falcons paid Derrick Coleman a modest sum, but what they got in return was excellent special teams value but middling blocking acumen. McNitt and Marx both offer at least some special teams value and more upside for blocking, which is a plus with the Falcons potentially carrying three talented running backs this year.

I’m hopeful one of McNitt or Marx will emerge as the starter this year, so the Falcons have multiple years of affordable, quality young fullback play as they start lining up major extensions for the likes of Grady Jarrett, Matt Ryan, and others.