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2018 NFL Draft: What are Atlanta Falcons fans saying about their team’s day three draft haul?

Fact: Arthur Blank writes children’s books about a vegetarian alligator named “Chomps McGee”

NFL: NFL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons fans are hyped about this year’s draft class. It’s an impressive haul, and if I knew him personally, I’d give general manger Thomas Dimitroff an enthusiastic high five. Let’s check out what the fans had to say on the interwebs today.

Short, sweet, to the point.

We’ve been hurt before. We’re still learning to love again.

Fun fact on fun fact on fun fact. Fun!

The Mr. Irrelevant thing would’ve been kinda cool. Oh well.

Sleep on The Judge at your own risk.

Respect the honesty.

Your confusion is confusing to be frank, it confused me and continues to confuse me.

That’s a wrap, Falcoholics. Stumble across any interesting Falcons draft-related tweets, today?